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Beam bevelling machine


1.Unclamping drill holder
2.Pointing with the drill tip
3.Clamping the work piece
4.Auto Zero referencing in the X-axis direction
5.Threading with 11 Kw (15 Kw) M4 %u2013 M24 (M4 - M30)
6.Linear travelling speed 15 m/min.
7.X-axis horizontal working length 12.200 mm
8.Number drilling heads (horizontal) 1
9.Height measuring system Z-axis
10.Manual drill change (magazine for 12 drills)

Zimmerman Metals, Inc.

Contact: MikeA.
Phone: 94777376006
Email: vimal@champaksteel.com

AISC certified / NESDA Member

SL Chasse can provide miscellaneous metals fabrication and installation for any application. Utilization of our CNC Pipe Bender provides expeditious fabrication and turnaround for most railing applications.

Steel Fabricators:

Gremp Steel Company
Seacoast, Inc.
Hirschfeld Industries - Bridge
Caid Industries, Inc.
Steel Works LLC
A. Lucas & Sons
Iowa Engineered Processes Co.
Cayce Steel
The Gateway Company of Missouri LLC
Katelman Steel Fabrication Inc.

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